I’LL BE BACK: Says “Terminator” J. Watt To Steelers Fans

TJ Watt intercepts Bengals quarterback, Joe Burrow

The Pittsburgh Steelers had a serious scare this past Sunday when their Defensive Player of the Year..and All-Pro linebacker, T.J. Watt left the game with a presumed torn pectoral muscle. But news has spread that his injury was not as severe as it first seemed.

Doctors determined this Tuesday afternoon that Watt will not need surgery on his torn pectoral and us expected to miss about six weeks, a source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Steelers head coach, Mike Tomlin said earlier today that the organization was “encouraged” about the injury update on TJ.

Dr. Brian Sutterer explains the pectoral injury to TJ Watt

“We’re probably in a lot better place than we were after the game,” Tomlin said Tuesday. “… I can definitively say that T.J. won’t play this week, but I won’t make any commitments beyond that.

“We’re encouraged, and we’ll just continue to look at the situation and gain opinions and do what’s appropriate.”

Watt, himself showed his excitement about not missing the entire season with a gif posted on Twitter. Depicting The Terminator mouthing his famous line “I’ll Be Back.”

Before leaving the game, Watt accumulated six ackles, one sack and one interception in the 23-20 overtime win over the AFC North defending Champions Cincinnati Bengals.

Last season, Watt had 22.5 sacks to tie the NFL’s single-season sack record. He has 73 sacks in his career.


Photo courtesy of Steelers Now

Look, it happened last season. Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker, T.J. Watt got edged out by Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle, Aaron Donald. A decision a lot on NFL fans and media outlets did not agree with. Neither did I.

Although Donald is a “Freak Of Nature” he did not surpass the “Freakiest Freak Of Nature”..Watt in any defensive category. Let’s take a look..shall we?

AARON DONALD 2020-21: 16 Games

Not bad. Respectable. Now check out the latter’s stats. The latter who was looked over for some strange reason

T.J.WATT 2020-21: 15 Games

Hmmm..Watt accumulated 1.5 more sacks, 16 more solo tackles with only 10 assisted. Yet he was overlooked because the Steelers are very much hated by the NFL, the media and those who control the votes. Oh..and NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell. Can’t forget that hater.

But this is the NFL 2021-22 season. So let’s see how Watt stacks up to this year’s so-called front runners on the defensive end. Starting with ESPN Nation Reporter, Brooke Pryor’s VideoCast interview with former Pittsburgh cornerback, Ike Taylor. Via Mark Bergin (BLEAV IN STEELERS PODCAST).

Now, Bergin’s tweet hit a definite point. Although T.J. Watt leads the league with 17.5 sacks going into week 16, the Steelers Standout has only played twelve(12) of those games. Anybody can do that simple arithmetic..right?

Photo courtesy of Behind The Steel Curtain

Point Mark Bergin is making, it is not just Watt’s sack count that boosts him over the stratosphere..it is his intangibles. The havoc he wreaks in and outside the box. The pressure he puts on opposing quarterbacks to allow his defensive teammates to make plays.

Although Cleveland Browns defense end, Myles Garrett is doing a decent job this season. And Dallas Cowboys linebacker, Micah Parsons is putting up nice numbers..both of which were accomplished in more game/snaps.

Three(3) games left to go. Watt has already surpassed former Pittsburgh Steelers sack leader, James Harrison(16)..and has the opportunity to pass the leading NFL Sack Leader of ALL-TIME, Michael Strahan. Whether here nor there, T.J. Watt should be the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year. #HereWeGo

SURPRISE: Steelers One of A Dozen Teams Interested In J.J. Watt

Is it really any surprise at all? The Pittsburgh Steelers are interested in signing the newly released J.J. Watt according to ESPN’s Ed Werder.

Ok, first of all let’s rip the Cleveland Browns out of the mix. Because who really believes that J.J. would choose to go to the rival team of his brothers, T.J. and Derek Watt? Nope..not gonna happen, not in that close nit family.

You see? Jenna Harner from WPXI Sports gets it. I mean, who doesn’t see this transaction taking place? Other than those who don’t believe that the elder Watt can be productive in the black & gold. But those who believe that are absolutely clueless. Because J.J. would not only make a great addition to the Steelers already vamped defense, but can become a leader the defense is missing.

We are already looking at ‘possibly’ losing Bud Dupree, but just picture and imagine if he ends up staying. You would have TJ & Dupree coming off the edge, with JJ at the bookends with Cam Heyward and Tyson Alualu as the centerpiece. What offense would want to stare that down? Oh, and did I forget the mention that the Watt brothers would be wreaking havoc from the same side?

Keep in mind, the highlights above are from last season, but some think that J.J. is washed up. Yet the seasoned vet continues to still produce because he wants to win.

“I don’t think it’s any secret that I don’t have 10 years left in this league,” Watt said when asked if he wants to finish his career with the Texans. “I personally believe that I do have a few more great ones left in me, but I’m not looking to rebuild. I’m looking to go after a championship, and that’s what I want to do.

“Whatever is in the best interest of the Houston Texans, that’s in the best interest of myself. I’m interested in winning a championship in this league. That’s every player’s goal.”

And isn’t that the Steelers way? Blue colored, care less about money, in it for the love of the game? That is what J.J. Watt is about. And why I believe he will wear number 99 in the Black & Gold. Because no other team gives him the opportunity to win that elusive Super Bowl Championship he so deserves.