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Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Stephon Tuitt, who is only 29 years old, announced his retirement earlier today after spending eight years with the team.

Twitter Retirement Statement:

“With respect to the Steelers organization, my teammates, and coaches I would like to officially announce that I have come to the decision to retire from the NFL,” said Tuitt in the statement. “I am thankful to have had the opportunity to represent the city of Pittsburgh for the past eight seasons, and am blessed to leave this game with my health. After the tragic loss of my brother Richard, and upon completing my degree from the University of Notre Dame, I know I am being called to move beyond the sport of football. I want to thank everyone for the love and support they have shown both on and off the field, and again want to thank The Rooney Family, Coach Tomlin, and the entire Pittsburgh organization. It was an honor and a privilege to play for this historic team. Go Steelers.”

Pittsburgh’s General Manager, Omar Kahn also released a statement on Tuitt’s Retirement:

“I want to thank Stephon for all he did for the Steelers during his eight-year career in Pittsburgh,” said Khan in his statement. “His success both on and off the field speaks volumes for who he is as a person and a player. Stephon has always handled himself with class and maturity as he continues to be a great husband, father, son and family man in his personal life. Now that he has informed us he is retiring from football, we are all thrilled to see what he becomes as a person and professional after graduating from Notre Dame this past month. We are excited for what lies ahead in his life and will continue to support him in any way we can.”

Tuitt, who was a second round draft pick in the 2014 draft played 91 regular season games, starting 79. Finishing his 8 season career with 246 tackles, including 176 solo hits, 93 quarterback hits, 48 tackles for a loss, 34.5 sacks and 13 passes defensed, six forced fumbles..along with an interception.

SW1: Steelers Rounds 1-3 2022 Mock Draft

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Ok, I am not going to waste anytime with a bunch of long winded reasons behind my 2022 NFL Draft Predictions..I am just going to get right into which positions I believe the Pittsburgh Steelers will draft in the first three(3) rounds. So without further ado..#HereWeGo


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At 6 foot 1 inches..weighing 225 pounds, Malik Willis may not be a “BIG” Ben sized quarterback, but he is a very..scratch EXTREMELY mobile quarterback who is very accurate as well. His decision making has improved over his three(3) years at Liberty, and let’s face it. In the dominating AFC North..quarterbacks need to have mobility to deal with the speed of the defenses.

Although Malik may be considered by most NFL experts as “not NFL ready” compared to Kenny Picket, his style of play suits the Steelers offense more than any other quarterback in the draft. Place him behind a DeShaun Watson or a Jameis Winston for a year or so, Pittsburgh could be looking at their quarterback of the future. 


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Mitchell, who stands at 6’6 and weight 297 pounds started at left and right tackle for the Ragin’ Cajuns, earning All-Sun Belt Conference accolades. He does, however need to correct a couple of bad habits and get stronger, but what offensive lineman doesn’t?

His foot quickness, play speed and length offers Mitchell a chance to stick as a backup swing tackle in a zone-based scheme as starter potential down the road. Especially within a deep run-heavy offense. Something that the Steelers will be needing after the drafting of Najee Harris last season.


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Although older than most at 24 years old, Mathis, is a 6’4″..312 lb defense tackle who could definitely become a cheap cost asset in the trenches. And with the potential departure of Stephon Tuitt this offseason, Phidarian is one draft pick that can cause Pittsburgh to shift its priorities. 

Even with the return of Tyson Alualu, who the Steelers love, he will be turning 35 years old very soon. Plus after coming off a season ending ankle injury last year, there is no guarantee that he will be the same dominant player he has been in past years. Isaiahh Loudermilk looked promising during his rookie season, but the Steelers still need help along the defensive interior.

So there it is..for now. Keep in mind that Mock Drafts subject to change over free agency. Feel free to comment me with your “DRAFT WISH LIST.” #HereWeGo


Ok, I am going to make this as painless as possible. Not for me, but for the Admins of certain “PITTSBURGH STEELERS BASED” Facebook groups who allow anybody in just to rack up membership numbers. The funny thing is, these admins do nothing to maintain the status quo.

So without further ado..”LET’S GET IT IN!”

5) STEELERS WORLD: 636 Members

I am going to be straight forward and honest as always. The reason why I am knocking this group, is because it is a knockoff of my original group “IT’S A STEELERS WORLD” nearly 12 years ago.

I was the one that coined the phrase “We have already ran the Nation..Time to rule the World!” No BULLSHIT! My original T-shirt design you will see below👇(B-SC-J) Stood for Brian “Steel Curtain” Jenkins.

But it isn’t the “Name Jack” that puts this fake ass, Steelers World on the list. It’s the lack of participation. I can post seven articles a day, and there will be eight posts the next day. Keep in mind, it’s not the is the participants.


Now, the reason why P.S.F. is ranked at #4 of my worst groups is because of one reason..and one reason only. “LAZINESS” due to the part of the Admin/Admins of this group.

I can post this article on P.S.F. right now, and I guarantee if you are a member of this would not see my article for at least 5 to 6 days. Which would make that article useless, right?


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Yes, I wrote and posted that article when the news came out about Robert Spillane six days ago. Problem is, it got posted five days late. By the Admin of this group, you showyour judgment.

3) STEELERS WORLD 1: 308 Members

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Yes, I went there. The reason why is because I am picky. I receive requests to join my group, and I do extensive searching to make sure that the people who are requesting to be in my group, or in fact Steelers fans.

I am also the one that causes hell in other groups on Facebook. Reason why? I’m trying to see what members of what group can feel my vibe. Because after all, I am one of the only few NFL sanctioned groups on Facebook.

Long story short, I don’t allow just anybody in my group. I only allow true, die hard Steelers fans that understand the inner workings of the National Football League. But keep in mind, if you come incorrect, you will be bounced by me without a second glance.


Now, this group should have been the #1 worst group, because for some reason the so-called “admin” of the group thought that I was posting too much. REALLY? Posting too much about a team that you “supposedly” are a fan of?

I believe that the more members post in my group, is the less posting I have to do. Which case in point would make sed admin’s job much easier. Not naming any names who’s name starts with a “D”, but get a grip bruh.

And finally..last and definitely least..


Reason being, I create game day promo pics for the NFL on CBS, as well as the NFL Network. So for starters, the group administrator thought that he/she could slap the letters “CBS” in the title to make it authentic. WRONG!

Not to mention the group member surpassed “The Real House Of Steel” by having by far the worst loyal fans I have ever came across in my life.

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This was a response to the signing of RB Kalen Ballage and G Rashaad Coward. Now I ask you..what true fan would think/say something like that about players on a team they supposedly support?

I will tell you what fan, the fans that inhabit this garbage ass group, an admin/admins that do nothing to police who is a member. Because I have outed three(3) Cincinnati Bengals fans that are a part of this group, and yet they still remain.

So there you have it. If you are in fact a “TRUE” Steelers fan that hates negativity, then join my group “STEELERS WORLD 1.” If you are into the mundane, mediocre type groups go to the latter. Because either way, the Pittsburgh Steelers are all that matters. #HereWeGo