Matt Canada Has Got To Get Pickens Involved More

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Look, I don’t know if it is part of the plan or if Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator, Matt Canada has no idea what he is doing. But rookie wide receiver, George Pickens is not being utilized they way he should be.

The University of Georgia standout was a steal in the second round in the 2022 NFL Draft, and showed his talent in both training camp and in preseason.

George Pickens preseason debut vs Seahawks

Steelers quarterback, Mitch Trubisky even mentioned his distain in the play calling of OC Canada telling ESPN he wants the play calls to “open up” and wants to answer the bell.

“I like to throw the ball down the field,” Trubisky said Tuesday. “Why I haven’t given the certain looks, especially during the game, I can’t tell you exactly. But we’re looking for that. I’m looking for that.”

The boos came out on Sunday against the New England Patriots, and Pittsburgh fans began to chant “KENNY..KENNY” as in wanting Mitch pulled and Kenny Picket put in the game. But it wasn’t Trubisky to was the OC.

In two(2) regular season games, Pickens has been targeted only six(6) times, pulling in two receptions, averaging 13 yards per catch. This because Matt Canada is not using him as he should, which is having Pickens stretch the Trubisky more options for the long ball.

Ben Roethlisberger was criticized for not throwing the ball deep and being less mobile, but here we have Trubisky..a mobile quarterback with a strong arm, and Canada is refusing to let him off of the leash. To utilize Pickens down field which is why he was drafted.

Long story short..the trio of Diontae Johnson, Chase Claypool and George Pickens should be unstoppable behind Mitch Trubisky’s arm..or even Kenny Pickett for that matter. But Pickens definitely needs to be more involved in the play calls to make it work. #HereWeGo

Trubisky Should Be Week 1 Starter..Case Closed

Look, I am not going to pretend to be the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but being a former player myself..I can definitely say that I know who will be the starting quarterback in week 1 versus the Cincinnati Bengals.

MITCH TRUBISKY: Not because he outshined rookie Kenny Pickett in the preseason, but because he has basically done nothing wrong to lose the starting position..which was what he was given a 2 year deal for. Also because he is a veteran who has experience playing the other teams in the AFC North. 3-0

In his three(3) preseason starts, Trubisky had a showing that most quarterbacks, starting or not, wish they had. Completing 24 of 34 attempts, going for 283 yards and 2 touchdowns. The most important stats being the 8.3 yards per attempt and zero(0) Interceptions.

The biggest argument for Trubisky was the 1:34..82 yard drive in the first half for a touchdown to Steven Simms. A drive that had penalties called against the Steelers, yet Mitch remained poised.

Mitch Trubisky drive for a touchdown against the Lions

KENNY PICKETT: Let’s not beat around the bush, the 20th overall first round 2022 draft pick is going to be the future for the Pittsburgh Steelers for years to come. And has shown that he can be a leader in the locker room and on the field. But you never want to throw a rookie into the fire early on.

In his preseason debut as a rookie, Pickett pretty much proved why he was the only quarterback chosen in the first round. Putting up an impressive 29 for 36, 261 yards and 3 touchdowns. And like Trubisky, finished the preseason with no interceptions. The only stat he lacked on, was the yards per attempt. But how much does that truly factor in?

Jacksonville announcers don’t know the player’s names

Kenny Pickett was definitely the most “NFL READY” quarterback to come out of the draft. Being the oldest player drafted with the most NCAA experience at quarterback, Pickett will be the starter at some point this season..just not now.

The situation reminds me of the 2004 NFL draft, when the Pittsburgh Steelers had one Tommy Maddox as their starting quarterback, and drafted future Hall of Famer quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger. Who came in for an injured Maddox, only to go undefeated for the remainder of the season. A year later, became the youngest quarterback to win a Super Bowl.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Mitch Trubisky should be the starting quarterback come week 1 for one reason only..”EXPERIENCE “. You never want to place your rookie quarterback, although talented, in a situation to where he has to win immediately.

Give Trubisky the helm, and if he falters, you can always go to Pickett. Because it is not wise to have a first round pick start then go to a veteran. Start with the veteran, then let the rookie pull a Roethlisberger. #HereWeGo

MITCHBURGH OR KENNYWOOD: Who Should Be The Week 1 Starter

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Look, I am not going to lie. When the Pittsburgh Steelers signed free agent quarterback, Mitch Trubisky I was not upset at all. Even more so after the untimely passing of Dwayne Haskins..(RIP DH), and truly believed Trubisky was the next in line.

Enter first round draft pick out of Pittsburgh, Kenny Pickett who has basically taken training camp and the first two preseason games by storm. Which brings up the QB debate:


Let’s of course start with Mitch Trubisky, who in his two preseason games was pretty solid. In five drives went 9 for 15, accumulating 123 yards and 1 touchdown with a 108.5 QBR. Only sacked once against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Anyone would be happy about those statistics, except the skepics.

Mitch Trubisky highlights week 1 preseason vs. Seahawks

Now, let’s move on to Kenny Pickett. In two preseason games (7 drives) threw for 171 yards, going 19 for 22 and 3 touchdowns..never sacked once, with a 138.6 QBR. And let’s keep in mind, two of the three touchdowns were under 2 minutes.

Kenny Pickett Orchrestrates a 1:05 drive for a Touchdown

Keep in mind, any team in the National Football League would love to have both of these options. Both Trubisky and Pickett were first round draft picks. Trubisky has a winning record in his career of 34-23, well above average obviously.

Pickett, the rookie who started all four years for the Pitt Panthers knows the stadium, and has shown amazing Pro-Level experience over the past two weeks of the preseason.

I see this conundrum as the Tommy Maddox/Ben Roethlisberger situation. Where the veteran starts the season, only to have the young 1st round draft pick rookie step in after an injury to run the show. Not saying I want that scenario to repeat itself.

I am however, saying that in week 1 versus the Cincinnati Bengals that Mitch Trubisky should be the starter. He has had experience with playing the AFC North, going undefeated against the Bengals, Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns.

But in my opinion, Kenny Pickett will become the starter within 6 to 8 weeks. And will be the future of the Steelers franchise. Let me know who you think should be the week 1 starter by taking the poll above. #HereWeGo

Trubisky Should And Will Be The Steelers Starter In Week 1

Steelers quarterbacks Mitch Trubisky and Kenny Pickett during OTA’s

The scenario is reminiscent of the 2004 NFL Season, when the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Ben Roethlisberger in the first round to become the backup quarterback for Tommy Maddox. Now..18 years later, the past has come back to BLESS US once again.

Even after the acquisition of former Chicago Bears/Buffalo Bills free agent quarterback Mitch Trubisky, it was written in stone that Pittsburgh was definitely going to draft another QB. Basically because it had been very well documented that Mason Rudolph was not going to be Big Ben’s predecessor, even after the passing of Dwayne Haskins.

Mitch Trubisky embarrasses the Cincinnati Bengals

Enter Kenny Pickett, the 20th overall first round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft out of Pitt, and the next in line as the starting Steelers quarterback. That is after Trubisky gets to show his skills off of course.

Mitch Trubisky, a former first round pick  himself (2nd overall) in 2017 is more primed to take the reigns at the start of the season. Accumulating 10,652 yards, 64 touchdowns and only 38 interceptions, while rocking a 29-21 record. Might I also add that he is also 3-0 versus AFC North teams. Those 3 being the Baltimore Ravens, the  Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Pitt QB Kenny Pickett at NFL Combine

Like Roethlisberger, Pickett comes in with zero NFL experience but with the same major upsides as a rookie. He is mobile like Ben was..he can read a pro-style defense like Ben..and he has got an accurate canon of an arm like Ben did. Not to mention playing in the same stadium that he did in college doesn’t hurt either.

Hence the reminiscent of 2004. Trubisky is Maddox..Pickett is Roethlisberger. Mitch will start this season and continue to be the starter, barring some unforseen injury or lack of production. Until either of those come to fruition, Kenny Pickett will soak up all he can to be prepared to step in when need be.

In the 52 games Pickett played at Pitt University he went 32-20, including 11-2 in his 13 appearances in the 2021 NCAA Season, where the Panthers finished with an ACC Championship.


Steelers Not Oblogated To Tell Trubisky Anything About Drafting QBs

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Recently Pittsburgh Steelers free agent quarterback, Mitch Trubisky told Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Gary Dulac that he was not made aware that the Steelers planned on drafting a quarterback in the 2022 NFL Draft..let alone two. At least that’s what the NFL media would lead you to believe.

“I knew coming in to the situation, wherever I was going to go, I would have to come in, compete, earn the trust of my teammates and get back on the field with hard work and my talent and being a leader on this team,” Trubisky said, “We didn’t have those (draft) conversations, but I knew it was a possibility wherever I went.”

But of course the media drug it out to be a controversy in the Pittsburgh organization, of course nothing could be further from the truth.

“I really wasn’t surprised,” Trubisky said. “We needed to add to the quarterback room and that’s what we did.”

My whole take on this is that the Pittsburgh Steelers were not obligated to tell Mitch Trubisky, a free agent who had yet to play a single snap in the Black & Gold what their plans were. He was mainly brought in as a security blanket because the organization did/does not believe in Mason Rudolph.

If anything, the Steelers drafting Pitt’s quarterback, Kenny Pickett to compete along side of him is a blessing for Trubisky. He got what he expected to get. A chance to compete for the number one spot. No one is just going to be handed the position. Ben Roethlisberger wasn’t..what makes the latter any different? #HereWeGo

Who Has The Better Chance Of Becoming Steelers #1 QB

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This has been a question looming around since the signing the 2nd overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, Mitch Trubisky. At the time the Pittsburgh Steelers expected a three-way competition between two other quarterbacks, Mason Rudolph and the late Dwayne Haskins(RIP).

But now with the drafting of University of Pittsburgh quarterback Kenny Pickett, the competition/battle is back on according to Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin.

“I expect it to be fierce because I know all three guys. I don’t expect anyone to take a backseat,” Tomlin told NFL Network’s Rich Eisen on The Rich Eisen Show Wednesday. “The challenge is from a structure standpoint. Are we providing enough of a platform for all the guys to show what they’re capable of? And so that’s going to be the challenge component of it. I’m excited about watching these guys compete, just like I am at any position where you’ve got some viable options. So, we will proceed with that understanding that it’s going to be challenging from an organization standpoint, but it’s a good challenge and I’m excited about watching those guys perform.”



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It is no secret that I am not a big fan of Mason Rudolph, basically because he reminds me of a previous quarterback named Landry Jones, who just couldn’t seem to get it right.

He has a mediocre record in 10 starts amassing a 5-4-1 record, throwing for 2,331 yards..16 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. But the main reason I believe he should not..and will not be the starting QB is because he CAN’T BEAT THE CLEVELAND BROWNS! Hasn’t..and probably never will.

Being Rudolph is not as mobile as the other two quarterbacks in this competition, not to mention a fourth QB in Chris Oladokun drafted out of South Dakota State. I honestly see him being traded unless he makes some major improvements. Giving Mason a ➖ once again, because I just don’t think he has it.


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After being drafted by the Chicago Bears in the first round (2nd overall) in the 2017 draft, Trubisky has had his good times and his bad times on the NFL football field.

In his four seasons with Chicago, he accumulated a very respectable 10,519 yards, 64 touchdowns and 37 interceptions were the good times.. After being traded to the Buffalo Bills in 2021 stepping in for another former first round pick, Josh Allen, Trubisky hit the bad times. But a change of scenery can always help.

The plus side is, since 2018 Trubisky is 25-13 as a starter and is a perfect 3-0 versus the AFC North. All of which were against every other team but the Pittsburgh Steelers. So that is definitely a big ➕ for me.


Photo courtesy of the New York Post

Pickett, the 20th overall pick in the 2022 NFL draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers was considered to be the “Most NFL Ready” quarterback available. Obviously, since he was the only QB drafted in the first round, but negative talks about his hand size caused a lot of disagreements in the team’s pick.

During his time at Pitt from 2017 to 2021, Kenny passed for 12,303 yards, 81 touchdowns and 32 interceptions. Ending with a 138.3 rating, averaging 7.3 yards per pass. Cap it off with 723 total rushing yards just adds to the ➕ side.

What makes Pickett a viable #1 starter for the Steelers is that his numbers since a freshman at Pitt have done nothing but go up. Going from 1969 yards as the starter as a sophomore, to 4,319 yards as a senior. The issue about his small hands was debunked during his Pro Day.

In short, the quarterback battle is basically going to be between Mitch Trubisky and Kenny Pickett, with Mason Rudolph and Chris Oladokun looking to fill the 3rd spot. Let me know your thoughts below. #HereWeGo


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According to Gerry Dulac of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, veteran quarterback Mason Rudolph most likely will not be on the 53 man roster at the start of the season. Something that became evident after the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Kenny Pickett(20th) and Chris Oladokun(241st) picks overall.

I mean let’s face it, we all saw this coming, it’s just that Rudolph just doesn’t fit the Pittsburgh mold. But even Mitch Trubisky, who was signed by the Steelers in the offseason as the apparent front-runner as the starter will have to battle for that spot.

“Regardless what role Pickett will eventually assume in the offense, the reality is his arrival puts Trubisky in an awkward, tenuous position,” Dulac said on Sunday. “Six weeks ago, Trubisky’s signing in free agency was met with much hope and anticipation — a former No. 2 overall pick looking to pull a Ryan Tannehill-like resurrection with the Steelers. Now, after one bad game, maybe even just one interception, all he will hear is the fans crying for Pickett. The same is true for Rudolph, though he is likely to be traded before the season rather than be the starter.”

Now retired General Manager, Kevin Colbert expressed his semi-faith in Mason Rudolph after the retirement of proverbial Hall of Fame quarterback “Big” Ben Roethlisberger. But the signing of the former Chicago Bears and Buffalo Bills, Trubisky showed he was not all that confident as he made it out to be.

“If we started a season today, Mason would be our starter,” said Colbert. “He’s 5-4-1 as a starter. We’re excited to see what’s next for Mason.”

“We know we’re going to add to the position, I can’t tell you how at this point. We will go to camp with four. If we had to start today with Mason as our starter, let’s go. We’ll try to build the best team around him.”

Mason is due to earn just over $3 million this season. But, if Pittsburgh were to cut Rudolph , it would only result in a dead money cap hit of just over $1 million. Which means the Steelers could trade or release him with little damage to the salary cap.

Look at it this way..if Mason Rudolph completely outshines 7th round draft pick Oladokun, then he has a chance. But if Oladokun comes into OTAs and training camp the way the Steelers expect him to, Rudolph is definitely gone. IMO #HereWeGo