Lay Off Of Claypool..How About Watt’s Taunting Call

I just don’t get it. Some of you Pittsburgh Steelers fans are never satisfied. The good or the bad, you always seem to find the negative point in every topic. Which makes you the worst Steelers fans ever!

CASE IN POINT: Pittsburgh wide receiver, Chase Claypool has been under fire all week due to his “excessive” first down celebration. Something that I was not happy about as well. But what’s done.

Understood by what Warren Sharp, of Sharp Football had to say. But here is my rebuttal..”WHO THE FUCK IS WARREN SHARP?” 😂

No one knows who this dude is, nor do they care. Just another failed (non) athlete who gets off on degrading actual professional athletes. You know, like Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayless and beyond?

The capper is the media are ridiculing Chase Claypool for an overextended first down celebration, but what about linebacker, T.J. Watt’s taunting call versus the Baltimore Ravens? That warranted a $10,300 fine?

Maybe it’s just me..or just the racism that still exists in the NFL Media today. Either way it goes..Claypool is still young, so why rip him for being excited over a big first down play? And not rip Watt for his personal foul?

Case in point..we were all young, dumb and full of that fluid at some point in our lives. So how about taking a look in the mirror before you point tge finger? #HereWeGo

Peterson To Steelers At The Veteran Minimum Just Makes Sense

Seriously, who cares about him disciplining his children? Personally I think these bad ass kids nowadays need their asses whooped when it calls for it. Because I believe many would look past all that for the opportunity to pick up proverbial Hall of Fame running back, Adrian Peterson.

At the age of 35, Peterson still has quite a bit left in the tank. Not a 5 year deal fuel left of course, but a good 1 maybe two in order mentor and groom young RB’s on the roster. Hopefully one of those young running backs can be college standout, Najee Harris out of Alabama.

Peterson was a seven-time Pro Bowler, a four-time first-team All-Pro and he was also named 2012 NFL MVP after rushing for 2,097 yards and 12 touchdowns. The fuel is still in the tank do to bouncing around to teams that did not use him and his talent properly.

After Peterson missed all but three games in 2016, he moved on by signing a two-year deal with the New Orleans Saints. After just four games, Peterson was traded to the Arizona Cardinals. Spending one year with the Red Birds before being shipped off to The Washington Football Team, formerly known as the Redskins.

In his first season with Washington, Peterson rushed for 1,042 yards on 251 carries and 7 touchdowns. Followed by a 211 touches, 898 yard, 5 touchdown season in year two with the WFT. Do you see what I am getting at here?

The following season with the Detroit Lions, Peterson went for 604 yards on 156 rushes and yet another 7 touchdown year. Most of which were done in the redzone.

The vision..the patience..the burst. Adrain Peterson has not lost a single step. In fact, he has gained a step or two because a couple of those teams above dis not use him correctly.

So my point is this. You pick up a stud in free agency for the minimum. Paste him in behind a line that will be improved, and have him show the youngsters the ropes..while pushing the running game forward? No brainer.

Long story short..the Steelers should sign Peterson, a proven veteran with fight, and we draft Harris..or (even case scenario) Travis Etienne out of Clemson, how dangerous would that backfield be? I am talking Jerome Bettis..Willie Parker dangerous. Because I see it as something defensive coordinators would want nothing to do with. #HereWeGo