SURPRISE: Steelers One of A Dozen Teams Interested In J.J. Watt

Is it really any surprise at all? The Pittsburgh Steelers are interested in signing the newly released J.J. Watt according to ESPN’s Ed Werder.

Ok, first of all let’s rip the Cleveland Browns out of the mix. Because who really believes that J.J. would choose to go to the rival team of his brothers, T.J. and Derek Watt? Nope..not gonna happen, not in that close nit family.

You see? Jenna Harner from WPXI Sports gets it. I mean, who doesn’t see this transaction taking place? Other than those who don’t believe that the elder Watt can be productive in the black & gold. But those who believe that are absolutely clueless. Because J.J. would not only make a great addition to the Steelers already vamped defense, but can become a leader the defense is missing.

We are already looking at ‘possibly’ losing Bud Dupree, but just picture and imagine if he ends up staying. You would have TJ & Dupree coming off the edge, with JJ at the bookends with Cam Heyward and Tyson Alualu as the centerpiece. What offense would want to stare that down? Oh, and did I forget the mention that the Watt brothers would be wreaking havoc from the same side?

Keep in mind, the highlights above are from last season, but some think that J.J. is washed up. Yet the seasoned vet continues to still produce because he wants to win.

“I don’t think it’s any secret that I don’t have 10 years left in this league,” Watt said when asked if he wants to finish his career with the Texans. “I personally believe that I do have a few more great ones left in me, but I’m not looking to rebuild. I’m looking to go after a championship, and that’s what I want to do.

“Whatever is in the best interest of the Houston Texans, that’s in the best interest of myself. I’m interested in winning a championship in this league. That’s every player’s goal.”

And isn’t that the Steelers way? Blue colored, care less about money, in it for the love of the game? That is what J.J. Watt is about. And why I believe he will wear number 99 in the Black & Gold. Because no other team gives him the opportunity to win that elusive Super Bowl Championship he so deserves.