I’LL BE BACK: Says “Terminator” J. Watt To Steelers Fans

TJ Watt intercepts Bengals quarterback, Joe Burrow

The Pittsburgh Steelers had a serious scare this past Sunday when their Defensive Player of the Year..and All-Pro linebacker, T.J. Watt left the game with a presumed torn pectoral muscle. But news has spread that his injury was not as severe as it first seemed.

Doctors determined this Tuesday afternoon that Watt will not need surgery on his torn pectoral and us expected to miss about six weeks, a source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Steelers head coach, Mike Tomlin said earlier today that the organization was “encouraged” about the injury update on TJ.

Dr. Brian Sutterer explains the pectoral injury to TJ Watt

“We’re probably in a lot better place than we were after the game,” Tomlin said Tuesday. “… I can definitively say that T.J. won’t play this week, but I won’t make any commitments beyond that.

“We’re encouraged, and we’ll just continue to look at the situation and gain opinions and do what’s appropriate.”

Watt, himself showed his excitement about not missing the entire season with a gif posted on Twitter. Depicting The Terminator mouthing his famous line “I’ll Be Back.”

Before leaving the game, Watt accumulated six ackles, one sack and one interception in the 23-20 overtime win over the AFC North defending Champions Cincinnati Bengals.

Last season, Watt had 22.5 sacks to tie the NFL’s single-season sack record. He has 73 sacks in his career.

Who Has The Better Chance Of Becoming Steelers #1 QB

Photo courtesy of Sporting News

This has been a question looming around since the signing the 2nd overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, Mitch Trubisky. At the time the Pittsburgh Steelers expected a three-way competition between two other quarterbacks, Mason Rudolph and the late Dwayne Haskins(RIP).

But now with the drafting of University of Pittsburgh quarterback Kenny Pickett, the competition/battle is back on according to Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin.

“I expect it to be fierce because I know all three guys. I don’t expect anyone to take a backseat,” Tomlin told NFL Network’s Rich Eisen on The Rich Eisen Show Wednesday. “The challenge is from a structure standpoint. Are we providing enough of a platform for all the guys to show what they’re capable of? And so that’s going to be the challenge component of it. I’m excited about watching these guys compete, just like I am at any position where you’ve got some viable options. So, we will proceed with that understanding that it’s going to be challenging from an organization standpoint, but it’s a good challenge and I’m excited about watching those guys perform.”



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It is no secret that I am not a big fan of Mason Rudolph, basically because he reminds me of a previous quarterback named Landry Jones, who just couldn’t seem to get it right.

He has a mediocre record in 10 starts amassing a 5-4-1 record, throwing for 2,331 yards..16 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. But the main reason I believe he should not..and will not be the starting QB is because he CAN’T BEAT THE CLEVELAND BROWNS! Hasn’t..and probably never will.

Being Rudolph is not as mobile as the other two quarterbacks in this competition, not to mention a fourth QB in Chris Oladokun drafted out of South Dakota State. I honestly see him being traded unless he makes some major improvements. Giving Mason a ➖ once again, because I just don’t think he has it.


Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated

After being drafted by the Chicago Bears in the first round (2nd overall) in the 2017 draft, Trubisky has had his good times and his bad times on the NFL football field.

In his four seasons with Chicago, he accumulated a very respectable 10,519 yards, 64 touchdowns and 37 interceptions were the good times.. After being traded to the Buffalo Bills in 2021 stepping in for another former first round pick, Josh Allen, Trubisky hit the bad times. But a change of scenery can always help.

The plus side is, since 2018 Trubisky is 25-13 as a starter and is a perfect 3-0 versus the AFC North. All of which were against every other team but the Pittsburgh Steelers. So that is definitely a big ➕ for me.


Photo courtesy of the New York Post

Pickett, the 20th overall pick in the 2022 NFL draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers was considered to be the “Most NFL Ready” quarterback available. Obviously, since he was the only QB drafted in the first round, but negative talks about his hand size caused a lot of disagreements in the team’s pick.

During his time at Pitt from 2017 to 2021, Kenny passed for 12,303 yards, 81 touchdowns and 32 interceptions. Ending with a 138.3 rating, averaging 7.3 yards per pass. Cap it off with 723 total rushing yards just adds to the ➕ side.

What makes Pickett a viable #1 starter for the Steelers is that his numbers since a freshman at Pitt have done nothing but go up. Going from 1969 yards as the starter as a sophomore, to 4,319 yards as a senior. The issue about his small hands was debunked during his Pro Day.

In short, the quarterback battle is basically going to be between Mitch Trubisky and Kenny Pickett, with Mason Rudolph and Chris Oladokun looking to fill the 3rd spot. Let me know your thoughts below. #HereWeGo

2022 DRAFT PREDICTION: Steelers Pick QB Willis In The First Round

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Let’s understand, for the last 5 out of 6 years I have gotten each first round pick by the Pittsburgh Steelers correct (no 1st round pick in 2020 due to the Minkah Fitzpatrick 2019 trade). So now it’s time to make it a cool 6 out of 7 this year. Having said that..


It is inevitable. I see the Steelers trading up has been the staple of their draft over recent years. And I really don’t see the 2022 draft being any different. Especially during this Post-Roethlisberger era the organization is going through at this point and time.

Willis, although only standing at 6′ 1″ has the intangibles that Pittsburgh needs at the quarterback position. Especially going against the likes of Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow and questionably..Baker Mayfield and their defenses twice a season. And those intangibles are mobility.

If the highlights don’t convince you, NFL Network’s draft analyst, Daniel Jeremiah seems to have the same feelings about Malik.

“He’s got a huge arm,” Jeremiah said. “He’s not real tall … but he’s built. He’s a powerfully built guy who can drive the ball. At the Senior Bowl when it was raining and everyone else was struggling, he didn’t have any issues whatsoever. This guy can really power the football. He can make all the throws, he can create and you can use the designed run game with him.”

Like Roethlisberger, Willis is from a small, unknown college. But what stands out to me with Jeremiah’s quote is “he can create and you can use the designed run game with him

Keep in mind that was Big Ben’s claim to fame early on in his career. Being able to extend plays and get the necessary yards needed..if not more for the first down or the score.

Steelers soon-to-be retired GM, Kevin Colbert said last week that the Steelers would open the season with Mason Rudolph at quarterback if necessary. Dwayne Haskins, a former No. 1 pick, is the other option already on the roster. I however DO NOT see the Mason situation happening..AT ALL!

What I do see is Pittsburgh picking up a veteran free agent quarterback like Jimmy Garoppolo, Aaron Rodgers or even a Jameis Winston to mentor a rookie quarterback like Malik Willis who has the mobility the Steelers neec to stay competitive in the AFC North..as well as the AFC/NFL in general. #HereWeGo


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Look, it happened last season. Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker, T.J. Watt got edged out by Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle, Aaron Donald. A decision a lot on NFL fans and media outlets did not agree with. Neither did I.

Although Donald is a “Freak Of Nature” he did not surpass the “Freakiest Freak Of Nature”..Watt in any defensive category. Let’s take a look..shall we?

AARON DONALD 2020-21: 16 Games

Not bad. Respectable. Now check out the latter’s stats. The latter who was looked over for some strange reason

T.J.WATT 2020-21: 15 Games

Hmmm..Watt accumulated 1.5 more sacks, 16 more solo tackles with only 10 assisted. Yet he was overlooked because the Steelers are very much hated by the NFL, the media and those who control the votes. Oh..and NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell. Can’t forget that hater.

But this is the NFL 2021-22 season. So let’s see how Watt stacks up to this year’s so-called front runners on the defensive end. Starting with ESPN Nation Reporter, Brooke Pryor’s VideoCast interview with former Pittsburgh cornerback, Ike Taylor. Via Mark Bergin (BLEAV IN STEELERS PODCAST).

Now, Bergin’s tweet hit a definite point. Although T.J. Watt leads the league with 17.5 sacks going into week 16, the Steelers Standout has only played twelve(12) of those games. Anybody can do that simple arithmetic..right?

Photo courtesy of Behind The Steel Curtain

Point Mark Bergin is making, it is not just Watt’s sack count that boosts him over the stratosphere..it is his intangibles. The havoc he wreaks in and outside the box. The pressure he puts on opposing quarterbacks to allow his defensive teammates to make plays.

Although Cleveland Browns defense end, Myles Garrett is doing a decent job this season. And Dallas Cowboys linebacker, Micah Parsons is putting up nice numbers..both of which were accomplished in more game/snaps.

Three(3) games left to go. Watt has already surpassed former Pittsburgh Steelers sack leader, James Harrison(16)..and has the opportunity to pass the leading NFL Sack Leader of ALL-TIME, Michael Strahan. Whether here nor there, T.J. Watt should be the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year. #HereWeGo

Vegas Is Tripping Predicting Steelers With Only Nine Wins

Look..I get it. The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the most hated on franchises in the National Football League. Why? Because they do things the right way, something at least 75% of these organizations just can’t comprehend.

Along with them you have “know-nothing” media personalities like Fox Sports leading man, Colin Cowherd stirring the pot. The same Cowherd who predicted the Steelers as going 7-9 last season. But now it looks as though that Las Vegas wants to jump on the “Hater Train” for some strange reason.

Vegas Sports book aficionado, William Hill did the unthinkable, setting the over/under for every team in the NFL. Placing Pittsburgh as coming out with just nine(9) wins, in a now seventeen(17) game season. Something myself..and ESPN’s trash talker and fellow Steelers fan, Stephen A. Smith finds hard to believe..as so eloquently stated in the video below.

Is he wrong? Better yet, am I wrong? Other than the Vegas Book prediction last year where they bottomed out. Predicting a 9-7 record which they clearly surpassed, finishing 12-4. But like my Pops used to tell me..”Guido isn’t right all the time.” Which is probably why my pops is a millionaire, and those who go with the grain are jumping off buildings.

Listen, the Steelers are bringing back the same “Top Ranked” defense minus a couple of SNL Players. But the also had the tenacity to bring back Big Time Players like Tyson AluAlu, and Vince Willaiams. But yet Colin seems to think our organization is fading. Really? Than why are players returning for less money?

Long story short, anyone who believes that the Pittsburgh Steelers will have nine(9) or even less wins this season, bet the farm. Because I would love moving that farm to California..free of charge! #HereWeGo

Steelers Blood Runs Deep In LB Spillane Family

Photo created by Brian Jenkins, owner of Steelers World 1

If there is one re-signing I am very proud that took place this past week, it was the signing Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker, Robert Spillane. The backup for the injured Devin Bush, and showed great promise at the inside backer position.

Spillane, however, is not the only member of the family to play for the Steelers. His grandfather and Heisman Trophy Winner, Johnny Lattner also played for Pittsburgh.

As a standout halfback for Notre Dame, Lattner, the 6’1″..195 lb back took home the Heisman back in 1953. Drafted number seven in the first round of the 1954 NFL Draft, he went on to play one season with the Steelers. The only year he played in the National Football League, earning Pro Bowl honors as a kick returner in the process. During a football game, he suffered a severe knee injury that prevented him from ever playing professional football again. Lattner’s single season in Pittsburgh was a success, as he totaled over 1,000 all purpose yards on offense and special teams.

Lattner then went on to join the United States Air Force, serving for two years before going on to coach football in the late 1950s, at St. Joseph’s High School in Kenosha, Wisconsin and the University of Denver. His coaching career ended in 1961 when Denver cut its football program.

Lattner was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame in 1979.

Spillane, a standout himself, played four seasons for the Western Michigan Broncos, appearing in 47 games (40 games). During his college career, Spillane accumulated 312 tackles (32.5 for loss), 10 sacks, four interceptions, five pass breakups, three forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries. He was named second team All-Mid American Conference (MAC) selection in his junior season after recording 111 tackles, including 10.5 for loss, three sack, three interceptions and two forced fumbles. As a senior, Spillane was again named second team All-MAC after compiling 88 tackles, 11 of which were for loss, 1.5 sacks and an interception, which he returned 35 yards for a touchdown.

During his game starting for the Steelers, Spillane racked up two of the most memorable plays. One, with the interception for a touchdown against LaMar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens. The other was the stuffing of Tennessee Titans running back, Derek Henry at the goal line on 4th down. Pittsburgh went on to win both of those games

So I guess you can say the pedigree is good in this family when it comes to the Steelers. Look forward to a big year from Spillane, playing along side of Bush instead of in for him. #HereWeGo

Steelers Re-Sign Bush Backup Spillane

Photo courtesy of Steelers Wire

The Pittsburgh Steelers have re-signed linebacker Robert Spillane to a one-year contract. Something Steelers Nation/World should be very happy about.

Spillane stepped up more than big in 2020 when first round draft pick Devin Bush was placed on the Reserve/Injured List. One of the more memorable play was the pick 6 against the Baltimore Ravens.

Spillane played in 12 games, starting seven, before an injury landed him on the Reserve/Injured List for the last four weeks of the regular season, before being activated for the AFC Wild Card game.null

And let’s not forget about the Derrick Henry STUFF, to give the Tennessee Titans their first loss of the 2020 season.

Spillane finished the season with 43 tackles, 37 of them solo stops, two sacks, four tackles for a loss, four pass defenses, three quarterback hits and an interception and fumble recovery. He has his best game in a Week 9 win over the Baltimore Ravens. Spillane had his first career interception, picking off Lamar Jackson and returning it 33 yards for a touchdown. He also had a career-high 11 tackles, 10 of them solo stops, forced a fumble and had two pass breakups.Gallery: PHOTOS: Robert Spillane 2020 highlights

“He’s a good kid,” said defensive coordinator Keith Butler during the season. “We love him, and we think the world of him. He doesn’t say a lot. He talks on the field like he should. He makes plays. He’s in the right place at the right time.”

No..Mason Rudolph Does Not Deserve A Contract Extension

I know that there are a few fans that may disagree with me, but I am here to prove that the Pittsburgh Steelers do not..and should not offer a contract extension to quarterback, Mason Rudolph.

Since being drafted by the Steelers in the third round (76th overall) in the 2018 NFL Draft, it was apparent that Pittsburgh may have studied Rudolph as successor to proverbial Hall of Fame quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger. Being that they traded their third round (79th overall) and seventh round (220th overall) to move up to pick him.

But then came the actual playing time under center in the National Football League, where Mason showed his mediocrity time and time again in the absence of Roethlisberger. This being basically stated by General Manager, Kevin Colbert when asked by Sports Illustrated.

Not saying that Rudolph’s campaign wasn’t impressive stat wise, going 176 for 283, with 1765 yards. Along with a 62.2% completion, 13 touchdown, 9 interception, 10 game season. But it was the struggle, and actions of the wide receivers that gained him those stats, not his play. Along with how the team seemed to had rallied around Devlin “Duck” Hodges more than they did Mason with his 5-4 record and one incomplete (The Myles Garrett Incident).

You gotta love how my homie, Jomboy brings in the commentary. You also gotta hate one major thing about Mason Rudolph..“In his career against the Cleveland Browns, he has yet to beat them!” And we all know as a QB for the Steelers, if you can’t beat the Clowns..you really don’t belong.

KEY POINT: Rudolph lost away to Cleveland in ‘Helmet Gate’ 21-7. Hodges beat the Browns at home 20-13. Mason then lost the following season to Cleveland in week 17.

Then you have the infamous quote by Steelers President, Art Rooney II that pretty much solidified that Rudolph should not..and will not be on the roster next season.

“We are comfortable that he (Rudolph) is a quarterback who can play in this league and be a starter in this league.”

Not once did Rooney mention “for this team” or “for this organization”..but “for this league” was his choice of words.

Long story short..Mason Rudolph just isn’t good enough. Why would Pittsburgh make the move to pick up Dwayne Haskins so quickly in the offseason? So say goodbye to Rudolph ladies who think he is “HOT!” Because “HOT” doesn’t win football games. #HereWeGo