Time For Canada To Go..NOW!

Look, I have literally been on board of the Matt Canada offensive coordinator train since he was first hired last season. But the time has come to ask for a refund from this debacle of a ride..or cut my loses.

Canada has been by far the worst OC that the Pittsburgh Steelers ever had. His mediocre, or somewhat “sophomoric” play calling has the Steelers becoming the Laughing Stock of the National Football League.

Entering yesterday’s game versus the Cincinnati Bengals, Canada had the offense running like a very “un-oiled” machine. Ranking at the bottom at both Points Per Game(15.6) and Yards Per Play(4.7).

With Red Zone TD Percentage ranking T-28th(46.2)..he has also plummeted the offense to the 29th ranking in 3-And-Outs(28.7) This of course should have the Pittsburgh front office extremely concerned.

We all were fooled last season when the Steelers went 11-0 to start, only to falter in the end. But what most people don’t understand that it wasn’t Canada calling the plays during that run, it was in fact Ben Roethlisberger.

Even Bengals linebacker Germaine Pratt took a shot at Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada. Saying that his play calling was “ELEMENTARY.”

“Just settling down,” Pratt told CBS Sports. “It was us giving them plays. We knew what they were going to do. They like to do the same plays over and over.”

Now how embarrassing is that? Honestly, I don’t think it can wait until the end of the season, Matt Canada should be fired now! No ifs..ands or buts. #HereWeGo


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