Trading Mason Rudolph Just Makes Sense

Photo courtesy of Sporting News

MEMO: Trading Mason Rudolph just makes sense. It saves the team $3 million, basically which was their plan in the first place. He had his chance to improve for four(4) years, now it’s time for #NextManUp He is just too much like Landry Jones, good one day..bad the next. No consistency whatsoever.

Although he played fairly well against the Seahawks on Saturday, that was basically an audition for other teams who absolutely NEED a quarterback. I mean let’s face it..they didn’t sign Trubisky and draft two quarterbacks if they had trust in Rudolph.

“A former NFL GM told me thinks Mason Rudolph could be traded to the Lions by the end of the week,” tweeted 93.7’s Andrew Fillipponi.

Tweet by CBS Sports Radio Andrew Fillipponi

To be honest it is a good problem to have, with two 1st round draft picks and a 3rd round pick as your quarterbacks. But at this point and time it is time for Rudolph to get a change of scenery. Because he will not be the starting quarterback in Pittsburgh..that’s a given.

Plus, if you cannot beat the Cleveland Browns on a regular basis you will not be the quarterback for our team for long. #HereWeGo

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